About Us

NC SILENCER is 100% owned and operated by Eric Morton and is the largest silencer dealer in the state of North Carolina. The company is a Type 07 FFL Class II SOT firearms/NFA dealer. So, who exactly am I? My name is Eric Morton. Basically, I’m just a guy who really likes firearms and silencers and I’ve earned the proper licenses to be able to offer silencers to the public. My goal is to help introduce new-comers to the wonderful world of silencers, and to be a useful resource for all others.

Like many of you, I’m simply an average family guy who has learned to appreciate guns and silencers. I’m glad to have been born in the Land of the Free where I’m able to pursue my passion. As a fellow American who likes guns and silencers, I’m just thankful that I have the freedom and opportunity to share my passion with others. I’m very grateful for the people of this country who fought… and still fight to preserve our liberty. Our personal freedoms in the USA are priceless, and I do not take them for granted. I’m probably a lot like you.


My philosophy is simple: I don’t do this to pay the bills. I have another full time job. This is my hobby and passion of  mine that I want to share with others. That is the purpose of this website, the NC SILENCER blog, and the NC SILENCER company in general. My belief is that more (lawful) Americans owning and carrying guns makes a safer America. I’m a big believer in safe shooting… which includes hearing protection.

Once you start shooting with silencers, you’ll understand. Therefore, I’ll give you the absolute best deal that I possibly can on silencers to make it easier for you to get into the game. In a broader sense, I strive to help educate anyone who is willing to learn, about the importance of our 2nd amendment rights, knowledge of firearm and silencer laws, and responsible gun ownership. If you’re interested in learning more about relevant firearm/silencer information and news, please check out my blog and Youtube channel. And if you’re just curious to see what I have to say about stuff, follow me on Twitter.